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Delando Corporation

Delando Corporation is a not-for-profit charity and an Incorporated Company Limited by Guarantee.

Delando is fortunate to have a pro-active Board of Directors who oversee the financial running of the organisation.  As a group they get involved in strategic planning for the future and maintain regular contact with Delando and its Management team.

Delando enclaves are run by competent Supervisors who have many years of experience in running work groups at host employer work sites. Each Supervisor holds a minimum of a Certificate IV in disabilities and receives regular opportunities for upskilling, attending seminars and network meetings to keep informed about current trends and services available in the community.

Delando is now going through a process of change in the way it conducts its operations in a distinct effort to move with the times, increase its professionalism and remain competitive within the marketplace.  Delando has been fortunate enough to develop many successful relationships through its Enclaves that have been set up and continue to run successfully with high profile organisations such as Kmart, Hunter Health Support and the University of Newcastle.