Delando Corporation History

Delando is a publicly registered Not for Profit – Public Benevolent organisation which was started by a group of parents of intellectually disabled children back in November 1950.  The purpose of this organisation in the first instance was to provide support and advice to parents raising intellectually disabled children and provide life skills training and education to the intellectually disabled themselves.  The use of volunteers in those days was an absolute necessity as money was extremely tight.  Nothing has changed too much today, our volunteers are an absolute godsend and without them Delando would not and could not supply the services that we do to those in the community affected by an intellectual disability.

In the early 1960’s some funding was sought and provided by the Dept. of Education which allowed Delando to employ a fully qualified teacher to commence working with the Children.  As the children grew, Delando helped to form the Cameron Park Special School and for the next 30 to 40 years Delando operated as an activity centre for the Intellectually Disabled and the School assisted greatly in developing a lot of the grown men and woman with an intellectual disability who have come through that system and re-entered Delando via our Activity Centre which is still running today via our Day Programs.

With the creation of the Disability Services Act in 1987, Delando made a decision to move down the avenue of supplying Supported Employment options for those with an Intellectual Disability via Enclaves which are effectively: (Working groups working for Delando, being paid by Delando, and working within Host Employer Sites supervised by paid and unpaid staff and volunteers).  The purpose behind this is to allow these individuals, our employees the opportunity to seek and maintain employment which builds on their confidence and encourages their contribution to society and the community in general through work.

Delando Corporation Ltd was the first service of its kind in Newcastle and the Hunter and will be celebrating their 65th anniversary in 2015.