A message from the Chairman’s desk

The Delando Board has always had an important role in the operation of this wonderful community.

The board currently consist of;

  • Sally Brock, who has been on the board previously and has a sister as a client.
  • Lawrence Caelli, who has been on the board for several years and has a sister as a client.
  • Anissa Thomas, who works in the disability field.

The board is very proud of the Delando staff and clients, we are the best because we have the best!!

Collectively we engage with 110 workers and many supported clients.

On behalf of the board, I would like to thank them for the good work that they do that keeps us in the forefront in the world of disability.  Thankyou.

I am pleased to state that Delando is in a good position financially: to the point that renovations are being carried out to the building in Waratah.  These include the refurbishment of the large main office, the inclusion of a larger disability toilet, the preparation for installation of air conditioning and the start of new male and female amenities and yes all within budget!!

Could I take this opportunity to thank the present Delando Board, and also the previous board for their contribution.

Lawrence Caelli

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