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Delando’s main focus is on supported employment through our enclave sites.

Enclaves are designed for adults with an intellectual disability and provide work options through laundries, retail and grounds maintenance.

Delando has been placing people into employment options with us in the generic workplace since 1991.  Delando’s Host Employers have been very supportive to Delando and its clients by contracting to us the requirements that they need so that we can in-turn provide real jobs that pay real wages based on the clients competencies and productivity.

Delando has an Employee Collective Agreement in place that guarantees good workplace conditions and wages.

To access employment with Delando, click on the link to download an Enquiry Form and return via email or contact our office during normal business hours and we will happily organise a meeting with you to discuss your needs with the needs of our host employers in order to have an ultimate aim of placing you into sustainable employment.

Delando Corporation Ltd is accredited as a Quality Assured Organisation under the National Disability Service Standards and undergoes such audits yearly through FAHCSIA (Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs).